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    The Adoption and Permanent Care Association of NSW Inc (APA) is formed and run by parents who have formed their families through adoption and permanent care. We offer support and recommendations for couples and families involved in the NSW local, inter-country adoptions and permanent care programs.  Read More
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    Join our active online community of families and child welfare professionals exchanging ideas, tips, resources, and encouragement with each other every day. Read More
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    We provide support to people who are considering forming a family through local. inter-country adoption or permanent care no matter what stage you’re at in the local adoption process. By becoming a member you can be a part and take advantage of our help line, kids club, social events, member's only resources and much more. Read More
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    Adoption of a child from NSW (the local NSW program) is available through Community Services Adoption and Permanent Care Services, and a number of accredited adoption agencies. Read More
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Adoption Awareness Week is here

Adoption Awareness Week is here, let’s make all our children feel this confident to say it out loud….

Let’s use this opportunity to share our stories and be very proud parents of our adopted children, love to see you all at our APANSW Adoption Connections seminar on the Sunday. Register Here

 The Adoption and Permanent Care Association of NSW