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 Community Services (formerly DoCS) promotes the safety and wellbeing of children and young people and works to build stronger families and communities. The organisation provides child protection services, parenting support and early intervention, foster care, adoption services and help for communities affected by disaster.

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Adoption and Permanent Care Services
4-6 Cavill Ave,Ashfield NSW 2131
Locked Bag 4028, Ashfield NSW 2131
02-9716 3003 (Ph)
02-9716 3001 (Fax)


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Current news – Anglicare is inviting enquiries from prospective adoptive parents

Anglicare Sydney is the urban mission and community care arm of the Sydney Anglican Church.

Anglicare Adoption Services manages the voluntary placement of children for adoption, as well as providing support to those affected by past adoption practices. Services include support to parents who are considering adoption for their child; training and assessment for prospective adoptive parents; and support to all parties of past adoptions managed by Anglicare who are seeking information, contact or reunion. Anglicare’s foster care program manages adoptions from out of home care.


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19a Gibbons St, Telopea, NSW 2117

02 9890 6855

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For over 120 years Barnardos has been at the forefront of child welfare service provision and has embraced a tradition of innovation and holistic approach in our quest to find real, permanent solutions for Australian children in desperate need.

The Find-a-Family service specialises in arranging secure and caring adoption and permanent family care placements for children of all ages.

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St Marys          02-9833 8877
Annandale       02-8596 5000
Central Coast   02 4324 9411
Illawarra          02-4297 0670


CatholicCare Adoption Services (CAS) provides adoption related support services to all parties of an adoption. This includes parents considering adoption for their child’s future care; preparation and assessment of prospective adoptive parents, who have experienced infertility and are seeking to create a family through adoption; lifelong, post adoption support for the child and their adoptive and birth families. CAS also offers access to adoption information, counselling, search and mediation services, to people impacted by past adoption practice. Adoption is a service for children and CAS works in the best interests of children.

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CatholicCare Adoption Services
PO Box 3127, Bankstown Centro NSW 2200
02-8709 9333