About us (2)

 The Adoption and Permanent Care Association of NSW Inc (APA) is formed and run by parents who have formed their families through adoption and permanent care (local programs). The APA is committed to supporting families formed through adoption and permanent care and recognise the importance of contact with the child’s birth family. We have recenlty merged with Intercountry familes and are in the process of updating our website.

Through this support the Association hopes to assist adoptive/foster parents to instigate in their children a strong sense of self and understanding of adoption. It also hopes to help families form life-long networks with other families formed through adoption and permanent care.

Our Membership Fees are:

1 year - $30
2 years - $55

We have no upfront costs and no charge for information so feel free to contact us anytime. We are here to help!

To Learn more about us download our PDF Brochure here.

APA of NSW Constitution 2009