Overseas Aid

How you can help support our Overseas Aid projects

Through our many fundraising activities ASIAC supports a number of overseas projects as well as sponsorship programs for children in Korea, Thailand and the Philippines.

There are three key ways you can help ASIAC support our many overseas aid projects:

  • child sponsorship
  • personal donation to an Overseas Aid Project
  • processing your Adoption Order through ASIAC

Child Sponsorship Programs

ASIAC is committed to supporting child sponsorship programs in China, Korea, The Philippines and Thailand. ASIAC encourages its members to consider sponsoring a child, regardless of what stage of the adoption process you are at.  Sponsorship ranges from $A70 to $A240 per year, which provides for the basic needs of a child in an overseas country, including schooling, food and clothing. 

This is not only a worthwhile and rewarding endeavour from a long-term personal point of view, but in the short term may also help your file to stand out.  ASIAC believes that overseas orphanages look favourably on applicants who sponsor an overseas child/ren.

For more information on our sponsorship programs, click through to our Sponsor a Child webpage.

Personal Donation

If you wish to make a personal donation towards any of our Overseas Aid Projects, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Overseas Aid Co-ordinator. 

Adoption Order

ASIAC has been helping families finalise their adoption for over ten years. For a small fee, ASIAC can help you with preparing the required paperwork and Affidavits. This fee is then directed to the various overseas aid projects we support. For more information, click through to our Finalising an Adoption webpage.