Sponsor a child today !

For only $20 per month, less than a dollar a day, you can bring hope into the life of an orphaned, abandoned or vulnerable child. Your support will help provide your sponsored child with these essentials:

  • Warm clothing
  • Balanced and nutritious meals
  • Education needs such as books, uniforms, transportation and school meals
  • Attentive care
  • Routine and specialized medical treatment
  • Safe and secure living environment.


As a child sponsor, you will receive:

  • Letter of introduction, profile and photograph of your sponsored child
  • Regular progress reports with photos of your child
  • The opportunity to send letters and special donations to your sponsored child


Click on the following links for more information on our sponsorship programs:

Korea Sponsorship Program 
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Philippines Sponsorship Program
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Thailand Sponsorship Program
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How sponsorship changes lives - Divina's story 

A look at how ASIAC sponsors are helping children
We started sponsoring Divina’s education in 2001. Over those few years we’ve received half a dozen letters from her, with couple of photos. She has changed from a thin little girl looking wide-eyed at the camera, into a smiling, sturdy young woman, with ambitions to work in tourism and hospitality in the Philippines. When we were in Cebu City (the Philippines) some years ago, we arranged to meet Divina through the Kadasig Centre.

We were thrilled to meet Divina ...a shy 16-year-old, and although her written English is good, we supposed that she had few chances to use conversational English. It was clear nonetheless that our sponsorship of $235 a year had been critical to Divina’s future, not just her success in her studies, but her actual access to them. She would like to go to university, but the modest fee of $500 is way beyond the reach of most Filipino families.

We knew that her family’s house was on government land, which is where most squatters build their homes. When we were in Cebu, we were told that it had burned down and that her family had to find somewhere else to live. Divina’s father is a cyclo driver, but as there are so many of them it is impossible to make a reasonable living. Divina is one of four children, so for her, our tiny amount of sponsorship determined that she had a school education. KR

Why not promote sponsorship to your playgroup, to your school or friends?

Do you have a group that you'd like to share ASIAC's Child Sponsorship program with - your office, your playgroup, your school - just about any group you can think of? Many of our playgroups have sponsored children; as do workplaces and schools. Why not download our sponsorship program information guides and hand them around or organise your group to support a child/children ? 

The best thing you can do when providing education, medical attention and love with another child, is share our mission with those you know. There's always room for more sponsors with lots of love to share!