Adoption-Related Resources and Services

Here are some great websites with lots of Adoption related resources and services.
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Adoption Awareness Week

NAAW Logo BlueNational Adoption Awareness Week aims to increase insight and empathy, remove the stigma, and work towards a more positive adoption environment.

Our Vision: Every Child has a right to a family, and we embrace adoption as a positive and important way of forming a permanent family.

Our Mission: Raise community awareness, encourage reform, and empower all Australians to engage with issues affecting adoption.

NAAW creates opportunities for open dialogue with all Australians, particularly those who have been touched by adoption.


Connecting Carers NSW

Connecting Carers NSW (CCNSW) gives Foster, Kinship and Relative Carers across NSW access to FREE ongoing training, education and peer support.

Carers are provided with up to date advice and information to support them in caring for children and young people in Out of Home Care.

The service is applicable for families formed through a permanent care placement.


The Post Placement Resource Centre (PPRC)

The Post Placement Support Service (PPSS) is a member-based, not-for-profit organisation providing services to deliver better outcomes for children and families in adoption, permanent care and kinship care.

PPSS believes in strong families that build successful life outcomes for children. Established in 2003, PPSS has delivered high-impact early-intervention supports and services to families for over 10 years.
For more information on the supports and services available from PPSS visit their website

Click Here to download the PPSS Information Sheet


Adoption Information Unit

Adoption Information Unit (AIU) provides information and support (post adoption) to people who were adopted in NSW and their families.

Where the adopted person is under 18 years of age, AIU provides a range of specialist mediation, support and referral services to assist children and their families with adoption-specific issues.

For more information please visit our website:


Adoption Awareness Week

National Adoption Awareness Week (NAAW) is a series of community based events exploring the process of adoption, and the journeys of all people touched by adoption, locally and internationally.

NAAW was launched in Australia in 2008. Due to its success, it will be held annually in November and will coincide with adoption awareness around the world.

NAAW 2010 will be held from 8th to 14th November.


ARCS (Adoption Research & Counseling Service Inc)

An adoption counselling and support organisation in Western Australian.


Post-adoption resource centre (PARC)

A service of the Benevolent Society, providing information, counselling and support services to anyone affected by adoption.  Scarba House, 24A Ocean St, Bondi, NSW 2026.

Tel: 02 9365 3444 
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Reunite cards

Adoption greeting cards

Reunite cards produce adoption specific greeting cards and bookmarks. Jeanette and Megan are adoptees from the "closed adoption" era and thus the cards reflect the secrecy and loss of the time. They are personally aware that the complexities and emotions of adoption often make it difficult to articulate feelings. Using their life experiences, along with birth parents, adoptive parents and others, they have created a unique range of greeting cards that acknowledge all aspects of the adoption separation and reunion experience from many perspectives.



ASIAC (Australian Society For Intercountry Aid Children) Supports families joined through intercountry adoption from China, Korea, The Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, India and Hong Kong.


Attachment resources

A group that encourages attachment-based parenting methods and therapeutic options for when there is an issue with attachment.


Adoption Jigsaw WA and QLD

Mediation, counselling and search services to anyone involved in adoption.


Australian Families for Children

An inter-country adoption group that provides some links to useful sites and resources for all adoptive families.


Centre for Adoption Support and Education (C.A.S.E.)

Creators of the "W.I.S.E. Up" and "S.A.F.E. for school" programs. Conducted seminars in Australia in 2010 including train the trainers for future presentations in Australia.



An initiative of Australian Families for Children (AFC) to bring Teenage Adoptees (13-18yoa) together to share experiences and to support each other.

Although AFC is an inter-country group, all teenage adoptees are welcome.

Contact Ricky on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Ph: 02-9314 2072 or Adam Brison 0411 421 007